mgm turns 30!

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30 years since the foundation of the company in February 1989 lie behind us – exciting, exhilarating and successful years – and this is how it shall to continue!  

saying thank you …

We want to use this opportunity to warmly thank you for the successful partnership and cooperation so far. We are looking forward to the future with positivity and vigor! And a very sincere thank you to the previous owners of the company mgm Software, who have successfully led the company up until 2016.

exciting changes …

… mgm is moving

Due to constant growth, a change of premises from Weerberg to new, big, bright and friendly office spaces in a central and readily accessible location in Vomp was necessary.

… mgm with new vigor

At the same time the company and its management were put into new hands. Mr. Engr. Mario Mühlegger took over the role of the visionary manager with joy and new energy. Ever since then, our highly motivated and competent team has grown, and previous owner Michael Altmann, with his extensive experience, is still by our side. Together, we are glancing ahead to our visions and developing our company sustainably further.

… mgm team is growing

We are especially happy about the growth of our team – our mgm family. We have grown stronger and assembled as a very harmonic, mutually inspiring and propulsive team, that is fun to work with. And exactly this is what makes the difference for our software and our service – also for you, our customers.

… mgm is developing further

With our larger team, we are combining a lot of power and vigor for the challenges that modern software solution are facing. A lot has already changed in all areas, so far mainly in the background – concerning your mgm or sector-specific solution. For an even better handling and in accordance with new functional demands.

Whoever has reached all of their goals, has set them too low” 


According to this motto, we have set ambitious goals for the future

We are mainly concentrating on the further development of our systems, also in view of strengthened entrepreneurial digitalization. Our systems receive a modern make-over and many additional features – for even more usability, but still, with the same usually high flexibility.

Additionally, we are optimizing our support for an even higher quality. Also, we want to expand our academies and create an even better basis for our pre-existing and new users. Sadly, it cannot be avoided to adapt our prices over this year, due to inflation. Learn more about our innovations – just ask .


With Austrian quality, from doers for doers.

did you know …

Our office, which is centrally located in the Tyrol, is situated in the midst of a strong and technologically advanced area in Austria. With our office in Vomp, we are strengthening the region as well and by this are able to contribute to a good quality of life in our country, which we are very proud of.

Because of that, our main office will stay situated here. Additionally, we will also build a strategic location in Germany. Moreover, we are still counting on our strategic partnership in the German-speaking area, for even better support for our customers.

Best wishes,