mgm among top 10 ERP providers

… mgm is very pleased

mgm Software was selected by the magazine CIO ApplicationsEurope as one of the “Top 10 ERP Solution Providers 2019” after an intense evaluation period and several discussions. This makes us one of the best business software producers in the SME sector in Europe.

We especially have to thank our team for this award, since they have been working with utmost commitment for the last 30 years on the development of the best and most modern version of our ERP system. “For us, this also confirms that we are on the right track and that we can generate competitive advantages for ourselves and for our customers with our uniquely flexible and powerful business software,” says Mario Mühlegger, MD.

… excerpt from the article

Regarding today’s demands on modern ERP systems, the article states:

„Cognising these needs, mgm Software, with an experience of three decades, offers its modular ERP system that combines mobility, flexibility and efficiency while seamlessly integrating with critical business systems. With mgm ERP, customers can get a comprehensive overview of all operational processes and the necessary depth of information required to make goal-oriented decisions quickly. This ultimately leads to an increase in productivity, efficiency and process optimization.”

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CIO ApplicationsEurope is a magazine with a strong focus on new technologies, trends and innovations, and communicates this information to professionals & decision makers. In addition, the magazine’s team regularly assesses companies and their IT solutions and makes the results available to their readers.

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