Career with mgm Software

As a long-standing successful provider of business software, we have got to know a wide range of businesses. As different as they can be, they still all have something in common: it is the people that carry the success and a business software that fulfills the high individual demands of each and every business.

„We too count on our strong and enthusiastic team.“

Our colleagues are creative thinkers, innovators and an inspi­ration to each other. They are the key to our success. Together we are pursuing the goal of developing only the best solutions for our customers. Quality and satisfaction take center stage. A career with mgm software means wanting to make a difference together.

Be a part of it!

Let us shape the future together and set new standards for modern business solutions.

Open positions

You want to work with people who want to achieve something great? You are looking for a challenging occupation, a motivating work environment and the opportunity to co-shape our shared growth? Did we spark your interest? Learn more about our open positions below. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Always on the look-out …

… for exceptional people that are looking for a challenge and want to make a difference. Because the future starts today.

We are looking forward to new talents …

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Why mgm Software?

A place with a sense of well-being.

That is exactly what we want for our team, the supporting pillars of our success. Because we want to achieve more, together , for ourselves and our customers.

We are a dynamic team in a dynamic sector.

Here, individual responsibility and engagement are significant qualities of our colleagues. And an active exchange of ideas, being solution-oriented and committed, are elementary for this environment.

„A place where you spend most of your time during the day has to be a place where you feel comfortable.“

Taking responsibility for us means enabling personal and collaborative potential for growth and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Because we want to grow together. We want to create the future together.

Our business culture

Our colleagues create and live the mgm spirit and thereby also a kind of start-up feeling. It is a sense of togetherness a “we” – where everybody has an opportunity, where it is even wanted, to bring yourself in and where performance is valued. Thinking together, thinking ahead and showing initiative are exceptionally sought after. Together we are creating a dynamic, that allows for quick decision making and by this enables quick reaction to change and demands. This is decisive for success on both sides, us and our customers.

Together, our colleagues achieve an atmosphere of well-being with shared values and mutual respect, the basis for a familial working environment. Open and honest communication, individual responsibility and active interaction prevails. – “Motivation and engagement are in the air”. – All of that supports a strong team spirit, which again is essential for a solution-oriented, practical and straightforward approach to new challenges. The outcome is that the mgm spirit creates personal and mutual freedom for designing, so that we can achieve great goals together.

High demands also call for a sense of well-being for everybody. Our team consist of excellent personalities, that want to achieve great things together. They are a driving force and helping hand for one another. By doing so, we are creating an inspiring and dynamic working environment together. This enables us to tackle changes and new challenges on business solutions quickly and in an uncomplicated manner and to also find new paths beyond the horizon.

… with team spirit and individuality. Our team masters diverse and exciting projects and every single person has the chance to surpass themselves and bring in experience and ideas. Like that, a motivating, cooperative and comfortable working environment is created, where team spirit and individuality meet. Personal and collaborative advancement take center stage here. We support people with engagement, we strengthentalents and we push open exchange of knowledge and experience. At the end of the day, a diverse and inter-divisional field of work identifies strengths and unfolds individual potential.

The comfort of a work space does not only consist of an inspiring team and a familial atmosphere, but also physical motivators. Our colleagues ought to be comfortable at their desks, since they spend most of their day there. We provide free catering for coffee, tea and other drinks, as well as fruit and snacks. We have a mutually beloved, fully equipped kitchen, where we like to take turns cooking together. And we also have a space to comfortably sit together and areas to relax are provided as well. In addition to that, we like coming together for regular team-events and celebrations, or also spontaneously. This enables new colleagues to settle into the team quickly.

Our fundamental values are the cornerstones of our business culture and because of that the supporting pillars of mgm software. They form a stable construct of community, where everybody is still able to find a place for themselves. This encourages not only the well-being of our colleagues but also strengthens the entrepreneurial performance. Our fundamental values are lived and maintained by each and every one of use, every day.

We take our responsibility very seriously, on the one hand towards our customers, in order to provide them with sustainable added value with our software and service, and, on the other hand towards our stakeholders and our staff. It is our job to strengthen mgm software via sustainable entrepreneurial actions and the support of our team.

We attach value to the compatibility of job, free time and family, mutual respect and equality. Every individual will be heard and is able to voice criticism on eye level. We are counting on open communication, internally for an inclusive working environment, as well as to our customers.

Customers as a focal point
We are striving to deliver the highest performance and maximum use for our customers. Quality and professionality in our actions are elementary for this. It is our goal to build long-term relationships and also to support them in increasing their performance and success.

Strong team spirit
We value different perspectives, engagement and reflection skills, because ultimately, we want to deliver excellent services for our customers. Happiness within the team structure establishes motivation and passion and our customers in turn again profit from this. A trusting working environment and the thought of ‘us’ take center stage here, for a team, in which everybody counts.

Achieving great things together.