mgm ERP

Components and modules

 mgm ERP is a holistic and fully integrated ERP-System. All modules are perfectly synchronized.

Our modular kit consists of eight core components, which again can combine various main and sub modules. Many of these modules are optional and we tie up a perfect, personalized package of solutions with our customers, one that exactly fits their needs and demands.

Customers choose, starting with the ERP core version, what modules they need. After additional adjustments according to the needs and demands of the customers (technically structural and design) an easy to use, in­di­vi­dual and flexible tool will be at your disposal.

„Our modular design for more flexibility – for a better fit!“

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From order processing to order management, mgmERPcore covers all central business areas. With the possible connection to external systems via interface partners, the customer receives a compact but powerful ERP system with this base version, so that the daily business can be organized more efficiently via overview and automatism.

The main modules include:

» mgm Dashboard
» Order processing/management
» Assignment-related order management
» Invoicing
» Sales processing
» FA components including dunning
» Controlling
» FA interfaces
» Other interfaces

From production planning to automated logistic management. Beyond our base ERP, our producing customers also have the possibility, with mgmPPS, to perfectly handle their production-related requirements. With additional complementary modules in this package of solutions, you are finally able to perfectly round off your business and optimize your procedures and because of this operate more efficiently.

The main modules include:

» Production planning
» Logistic administration
» Production control
» Operation data acquisition

From analyses to reports. With mgmBI you are perfectly rounding off your package of software solutions and put your entrepreneurial information and knowledge structure in a nutshell. Gain targeted insights to make quick and future-related decisions and ultimately arrive at effective measures on the basis of this information.

The main modules include:

» Evaluation
» Analyses
» Statistics
» Reports

Order and connection between master data and business transactions with the respective relevant information, documents etc. is key for efficient business operations. With mgmIDM our customers have the opportunity to precisely connect all important information with the names (customer, supplier etc.), articles or business transactions in question in an easy way. And this, cross-linked and with full system integration.

Fully informed at any time and in real-time about inventory, various storage locations or suppliers. With mgmWM our customers profit from a warehouse management that is fully automated and features full system integration as needed. This is how connected, additional business procedures can be optimized and the efficiency of the inventory turnover can be increased.

The main modules include:

» Warehouse management
» Branch and storage location management
» Warehouse-related order management
» Supplier-related dunning

Taking care of customer relationships is a key aspect of every business. From customer management to communication and a comprehensive historical breakdown. With mgmCRP our customers gain a systematic and logical overview of each customer, with all relevant information of previous customer relationship. For you to be able to take customer relationships even farther and put targeted measures into place early on.

The main modules include:

» Customer management
» Management of feedback
» Address management
» History

Trading and service-providing businesses do not only depend on a powerful administration software but also on an integrated cash system. With mgmCS our customers have the opportunity of an already integrated cash system – depending on your needs from small to big. Our integrated cash system complies with the Austrian legal obligations concerning cash registers, as well as the German requirements concerning cash registers starting January 1st, 2017. In addition to that, mgm ERP also flawlessly communicates with connected cash systems.

Be informed any time and any place and perform data maintenance on the go. With our WebApp our customers are always kept informed, even on the go, and are able to work more efficiently. It gives more freedom to the exertion of daily business. Learn more …

„Everything at a glance – for more efficiency“

mgm Dashboard

An individual info center allows for a quick daily overview of all the important data and analyses. According to the needs of our customers. From this user-specific cockpit, further details are only a click away.

… for better decisions …

Depending on the group of users, we can define an interface that fits you, so that the individual users are not weighed down by unnecessary detours and data that is irrelevant to them. For quick detection of potential for improvement, efficient action and rapid decisions.

Other modules and functions

In addition to the central components and its submodules, there are other overarching modules and functions. Such as integrated work-flow solutions, multilingual and foreign currency management, your own ERP dunning (system), preliminary and post calculation systems, geomarketing and many more. Ask our advisors.

Communicative­ versatility

We too focus on our core competence, in order for us to be able to provide our customers with a modern and holistic ERP system. Because of this, we are counting on strong partnerships and multiple ports for all important connections to the business. So that we are able to tie a fully integrated package of solutions for our customers, which creates added value and maintains flexibility.

… perfectly coordinated …

mgm ERP mgm ERP allows for flawless communication to various external systems. Among others, we provide connections to web-shops, payment providers, (financial) accounting systems, cash register systems, access systems and many more.

For and integrated overall system, precisely for you!

Starting into the future

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