Navigating safely into the future

The day-to-day business of a company can be quite challenging. One has to have a clear overview of all operational procedures and navigate them as efficiently as possible. At the same time, future security and growth take center stage. It is of the utmost importance to have control over this relatively high level of complexity. mgm ERP is a business solution, which enables you to navigate your business divisions safely into the future and that grows alongside your needs.

modular – integrated – modern

Modern business solutions or ERP systems have taken the demands for flexibility and a holistic nature and tailored them to the needs of customers and their sectors. At the same time, they require simple and comfortable user handling, no matter the number of employees.

This business-specific individuality, expandability and seamless integration into the entrepreneurial fabric while also offering simplicity, enables customers to finally fully unlock their potential concerning efficiency, resources and also success.

A leading edge through knowledge and information

With mgm ERP our customers are able to increase their own economic efficiency, optimize processes and manage them sustainably while at the same time providing customer sensitivity.

Via a constant comprehensive overview of all operational processes and the needed depth of information, targeted decisions can be made quickly, and optimization potentials can be detected.

Always a step ahead.

Software for people

mgm ERP is a tool that combines two perspectives:

The business- & individual perspective

multifunctional – global – tailor-made

Because, at the end of the day, it is the people in a business that want to work as efficiently as possible with the help of our software. All input masks and analyses can be configurated to fit the customer’s needs, also in consideration of various groups of users and authorization levels.
More about your advantages

Because of its complexity, an ERP system’s handling has to be rigid and demanding?

That’s not what we think!

From doers for doers

Our software is defined by constant further development also in cooperation with diverse customers (especially with special requirements), because our customers usually know best about what they need for their sector and progress.

According to the motto “from doers for doers”, all current and future needs we can anticipate, are flowing in the software development – technical, legal, commercial or concerning specific topics.

After all, practicability and sustainability, just as flexibility and scalability, are at the center of consideration for the further development of our business software.

mgm ERP - a modular system

mgm ERP is a modularly designed system that has been specifically made for SMEs, which, in its entirety, allows you to safely navigate all business and production-related core areas. Starting from simple order and sales processing to warehouse management and production control as far as document management, controlling and CRM.

… mobil or stationary …

With mgm ERP our customers have found their own individual package full of solutions that fits them to a tee. Learn more about our mgm tool kit and the mgm WebApp.

Because you should not have to adjust to the software
– the software ought to adjust to your business.

„Our motto is to ‚Keep it simple!‘ Because our ERP software ought to make our customers’ daily business easier, so they can focus on the essentials and make the right decisions.“
Eng. Mario Mühlegger, Managing Director

Fields of application

A fitting mgm business solution for you: From large to small, we will tie up a fitting package for you. At the same time, we are able to fall back on a vast wealth of experience with different businesses from diverse sectors.


Getting started successfully with mgm ERP – the fitting kick-off solution for founders and young entrepreneurs.


With mgm ERP a thought out and secure system for lasting success – for one-person companies and small entrepreneurs.


Profiting from a powerful business software with mgm ERP – for aspiring entrepreneurs (SMEs).

Learn more about the sector-specific fields of application of the mgm business software and the services we provide for you.

mgm ERP

Flexible. Holistic. Individual.