Modern craft

… wants to move …

All along, crafts have been the cornerstone of a flourishing society. Even though there were times when they have not been attributed the appropriate value, over the last years the upswing and increase in value was bigger all the more.

… and progressing into the future with the consideration of tradition …

Crafts and commercial enterprises nowadays can again look forward to a future with a high demand. At the same time, they are faced with a wide variety of new challenges – market and customer based. From the highest quality standards and new standards for customer loyalty, to knowledge transfer as well as new business models and digitalization demands.

For entrepreneurs this means that, on the one hand they have to have an overview of business and market and on the other hand also to practice their core business with passion and to concentrate on their customers.


Seizing potential – tackling challenges

Modern crafts businesses and industries are more in demand than ever. As businesses they are pursuing growth and competitive goals and as societal pillars they are also fulfilling their duties of education and preservation of cultural heritages. All the more it is important for them to be able to rely on a software with which they can lead their business successfully while at the same time focusing on the essentials – their craft, their passion and their customers. With mgm ERP it is possible to unite these requirements.

A pinpoint lead

mgm ERP in its entirety covers all important functionalities.

From order processing to invoicing to service management and sales processing it allows to shape business processes effectively and efficiently while at the same time ensuring the highest data transparency. Resources can be applied in an optimal manner and costs can be lowered. Moreover, it also helps eliminate sources of error and react to new demands flexibly and quickly. On the one hand this enables to develop competitive advantages and on the other hand increase customer satisfaction.

Skillfully conquering new demands

Increasing sensitivity towards crafts and regionality prevails. This calls for flexible capacity to act, quick decisions and deliberate measures. Seize the opportunity of a pinpoint, tailor-made and efficient ERP software that grows with you and that supports a consequent customer focus.

mgm ERP allows a full overview, optimal operation management and a seamless connection to external systems, such as web-shop connections. All of this in real time and with a comfortable user handling of the system. In order for you not having to focus on your ERP system, but much rather on your business and potential for success. Take this opportunity and be a step ahead with mgm ERP.

Let us tie up a package full of solutions together…

… from a variety of available modules.

At the same time, you are able to expand your system step by step. The most used components (main and sub modules) for craft and industry are, among others:

Our incentive

Your satisfaction as well as software and service of the highest quality.