Modern Wholesale

Inconsistent demand and supply peaks, rapid product line changes and constantly faster changes in consumer demands.

Modern wholesales, too, is constantly confronted with many challenges. Changes in the market, international trading, transport, new business models and digitalization. Wholesale moves about in a tumultuous sector that is also heavily dependent on the fluctuations of its retail clients and, due to that, also from the constantly new needs of the end user.

… wants to tackle new challenges …

Within a mostly international environment rules an especially high competitive pressure and here, wholesalers are particularly expected to fulfil the increasing performance and efficiency requirements. It is imperative to use resources in an optimal manner and through doing so lower the costs. There is need for an organizational structure that is optimized in such a way as to being effective, requiring minimal effort and featuring as many automated procedures as possible, in order to not only allow quick reactions but also to turn this into a strength. And it is here, within all these challenges, that smart business solutions position themselves.

Being a step ahead

Covering everything from optimized procurement cycles to a logistical administration that allows for an efficient warehouse and rapid handling, as well as a sales network that manages to expand market shares and maintain customers. mgm ERP supports its customers with their multi-layered endeavors and helps drive their success forward. The basis provides transparency and seamless interlocking of all courses of business and external systems. Tailored to the exact individual needs of the wholesaler in question, mgm ERP provides a clear overview at any given time, in real time, and, with the mgm WebApp also on the go.

Let us tie up your package full of solutions together

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At the same time, you are able to expand your system step by step. The most used components (main and sub modules) for wholesales are, among others:

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