Strong future in the tourism sector

Tourism is part of the sectors that are constantly subjected to strong fluctuations and is required to provide quick reactions to the wide variety of changes.

„Customer requests and quality standards nowadays are changing in constantly decreasing intervals.“

Only the best performance and perfect customer service is expected.

And the challenges service providers are facing keep growing. They find themselves in very heavily competitive substitute markets. Customers or guests are well informed, compare and don’t feel too attached but rather are constantly looking for benefits or advantages. Additionally, this sector is also shaped by digitalization, new market players and new business models.

In light of these immense challenges modern tourism businesses are facing, it is even more important that they are able to rely on a powerful and flexible business software. A tool that helps them master their daily business as efficiently and cost effective as possible. Because your time and the service you provide for your customers is especially valuably, because they build the foundation everything else is built upon. You also need a tool that is able to grow alongside your business and needs.

Customers are increasingly demanding contemporary points of contact, interaction and highest satisfaction while at the same time being given the best possible offer.

„Here, mgm ERP offers touristic businesses an especially flexible solution that can be tailored to the exact needs of our customers. Because no tourism business is like any other, even though there are some similarities. Moreover, the customizable and its subsequent intuitive usability make the usage of the system easier. So that you are able to focus on the essentials again.

Everything comfortably under control

mgm ERP covers in its entirety all important functionalities and, in doing so, is precisely tailored to the individual needs of the businesses. From order management to bookings, integrated cash system, to feedback management, invoicing and analysis possibilities. All business processes and data are inclusively and seamlessly linked together. For transparency, overview and control.

For instance, our customers can easily stay on top of things with the central customer management with integrated document management, which builds the foundation for consequent customer orientation and precise marketing measures. In addition to that, the mgm WebApp, in this context, provides even more relief for daily business.

Provide a basis for perfect customer service, precise marketing measures and customer growth while at the same time seizing your potential for success – this very day. Combine mgm ERP with the mgm WebApp for even more freedom and let us tie up your individual, overall package including the integration of other systems such as your website etc. For a solution that perfectly fits your business.

mgm ERP, due to its holistic and flexible concept provides an ideal partner for businesses that want to focus on the essentials again.

mgm compact solution

mgm easycamp, a compact ERP bundle, was conceptualized as a specialized solution for operators of campsites and leisure facilities, tailored to the needs of this sector. According to the motto “from doers for doers” it includes sector-specific expertise, generalizable customer requirements and further development and we are constantly interacting with our leading customers. Since you know best about what you need.“

mgm easycamp as an administrative software has been part of the market leaders
of this sector in German-speaking countries for nearly 30 years. We are serving customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and are constantly able to expand our market.

As a compact ERP system, mgm easycamp is also applicable in other businesses and sectors. It is a system that even though fixed in its conception and compilation, meaning the components it includes and which business divisions it covers, still provides a vast applicability and many possibilities.

Accordingly, it is a compact solution optionwith overlapping module components of our mgm ERP system. In addition to that, here too prevails a certain degree of individualizable flexibility. For the highest user comfort. Learn more

„Already, many of our customers have chosen this compact solution of mgm.“

Our incentive

Your satisfaction as well as software and service of the highest quality.