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Resource efficiency, utilization optimization, new business models, internationality and digitalization. Those are only a few of the constant new challenges which manufacturing companies of all sizes – whether located in procedural or discrete production – are facing. At the same time costs ought to be lowered and changes have to be dealt with flexibly and quickly.

… tailor-made and powerful …

Covering everything from demand planning and calculation, procurement and warehouse management, as well as quality assured production, automated procedures and sales optimization. ERP systems are indispensable to modern manufacturing companies, in order to fulfill the requirements. But even here, requirements are increasing. Cross-sectoral and linked flows of information, data integrity and a full overview are in demand for optimal planning and management of production, in order to successfully operate even with the increasing price of raw materials and market pressure.

mgm ERP is a powerful business software that is tailor-made to tackle exactly these individual needs of manufacturing companies – from sector specific standardized to individual functionalities. Because efficiency, quality and rapid responsiveness are cornerstones of sustainability and growth.

Diverse experience

mgm Software supports companies from discrete as well as process-oriented manufacturing. We have diverse experience with individual as well as (Large-scale) series production companies. In addition to that, because of particular individual requirements, mgm business software is also ideal for special-purpose or project manufacturers. Among our customers are companies from the following areas: (mechanical) engineering, plant engineering, component construction and vehicle construction (automotive and supplier industry).

Strong future of production

Manufacturing companies, now more than ever, have to be flexible enough to react to quantity and date requirements, while at the same time keeping up extremely high quality standards. mgm ERP supports companies with production planning and controlling and covers all essential and extended functionalities. In order for our customers to be able to optimize their facilities and processes, lower costs, preserve resources and create an environment that puts forth innovative strength and entrepreneurial potential.

Integrated CRM-components additionally enable structured communication and the monitoring of supplier and customers. Moreover, integrated analytical components (BI) provide support, which, via structured insights and overarching control options on the basis of diverse evaluations and reports, ultimately reveal their optimization potential.

Let us tie up your package full of solutions together …

… from a variety of possible modules …

At the same time, you are able to expand your system step by step. The most used components (main and sub modules) for manufacturing companies are, among others:

… especially suitable for electrical industry and circuit board assembly

… especially suitable for plastic engineering

… especially suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

… especially suitable for project-related production/heavy machine construction

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