mgm stands for a modern business solution that fits.

As a successfully established provider of business software, mgm supports international customers and drives their businesses forward. Because, with mgm ERP, we have made a holistic and flexible tool for our customers, which enables people, and by this also businesses, to master challenges and seize chances.

„Up to this day, thousands of users are working with a product from mgm software.“

mgm business solutions enable our customers to keep a comprehensive overview, while at the same time gaining deep insights into their daily business operations, in order to act more efficiently and sustainably and to constantly be a step ahead.

We serve and focus on small and midsized companies from all sectors, which, on the one hand reflects the flexibility of our business solutions, and, on the other hand our diverse insight into the industry and our comprehensive, longtime know-how.

„Because an integrated, holistic ERP system is an
investment into your future.“

Why › The yellow of the egg? (German saying meaning best of the best)

Our slogan, the German saying: “the yellow from the egg” (meaning the very best), came from our company’s logo and was given to us by our customers, since the quality and flexibility of our software have always spoken for themselves. Today, the slogan deliberately stands for our opinion of what makes a modern business software and works as a guideline for highest demands during further developing and our service.
Only satisfied when you are!

Because our motivation distinguishes us

Ever since the foundation in 1989, the entrepreneur has taken center stage for our concepts. According to our motto “from doers for doers”, we have developed a business software that targets the practical needs of our customers and offers more than just a simple ERP system. Hence, we combined our experience in the fields of ERP, CRM, PPS and DM to form a holistic business solution. The satisfaction of our customers and their needs have always been extremely important to this company.

flexible & holistic   |   simple & individual
Requirements of a modern ERP software

mgm Software is made of these features, perceptible with our mgm ERP system and touchable in our company, because these qualities apply to both our team and the way we work. They are our biggest strength and tightly tied to our roots in the Tyrol.

mgm Software stays true to itself and its customers, when progress and the modern age meet the familiar down-to-earth attitude and practicability. We count on our roots and because of this on Austrian quality. Because our customers value the professionality, the personal support and, most of all, the possibilities of mgm ERP.

What else you should know about us

„We are not providers of typical standard business software. For us, both take center stage: business as a whole from a process-oriented point of view, as well as the specific needs from a user point of view. And ultimately, we also take your vision of >What do we want to achieve with this implementation?< into consideration, in order to find the perfect solution. Because our customers want solutions that complement them in their daily business and that take them further.“
Eng. Mario Mühlegger, Managing Director

Our philosophy for your solution

Our software is centered around the principle to ‚Keep it simple!‘. Because we think that an ERP software ought to make the daily business of a company easier. From handling, to intuitive insights and individual customizability. mgm ERP enables our customers to focus on the main issues again, and to build a solid foundation for a sustainability and growth with this.

For the quality of our software and service, only the highest demands apply. At the same time, the customers are the focal point of our actions, because the satisfaction of our customers is our first priority. This principle takes center stage for all decisions and further developments of our business software. So that we can continue developing only the very best solutions for our customers.

We have a lot of experience: on the one hand, with standard solutions for individual demands of customers and, on the other hand, also with special solutions for particular cases. Here, too, we remain faithful to our motto “keep it simple!” and we keep practicality and the highest possible added value for our customers in mind. A large variety of sectors and directions, hence, are not a challenge for our ERP software.

In addition to the diverse experience of our team, most of our colleagues have a solid commercial education. Hence, business concerns, economic approaches and strategy are nothing new to us. Moreover, special cases or problems are tackled collaboratively and from various points of view and from this, solution approaches are developed. Ultimately, practicability and simplicity for our customers are paramount. So that you are able to exploit your full potential.

The requests of our customers are our greatest assets. Whether you are a new or an existing customer, your satisfaction – with our business software, the handling and our service – is our biggest drive. For this, we count on flexibility concerning service, individual adjustments, implementation, work-shops and maintenance. Because this is the only way we can improve even more for our customers.

Our mgm tool kit system enables our customers to put together their individual software. Moreover, the flexibility of our mgm business software provides various individual adjustment possibilities, for the highest possible user comfort. So that our customers are able to focus on their core business and to act even more efficiently and sustainably in their daily business.

Our mgm business software stands for a maximum of flexibility and comfortable handling. This central quality enables us to edit mgm business solutions according to the wishes and ideas of our customers. At the same time our customers profit from our experience with, for instance, various data processing sheets (reports etc.).

Companies often resemble each other due to their fields of activity and the sectors in which they operate. Still, nearly all of them have also individual demands for their perfectly integrated ERP system. Because of this, we assist and advise our customers from the beginning and, together, develop all changes and adapt to their wishes. The special advantage here is that we are developers ourselves and, hence, can cater even better to the customer’s needs. This, as well as our software concept, makes a perfectly tailored system possible. So that, at the end of the day, you actually have the solution that fits you best.

Your companion

mgm Software has been your faithful companion in matters of business software for many years. From the initial interview to extensive consultation, implementation and training, as well as further support. We are counting on our strong team and our selected network of experts.

For a system that creates added value.


The company mgm Software Team GmbH was founded on the February 1st in 1989 by Michael Altmann and Günter Kieninger in Innsbruck.

From April 1991 the development of an Austrian and Europe-wide multi-layered distributor and partner network was promoted, and we are still working on expanding these networks and (also together) strive for innovation.

In 2016, after many successful years of mgm Software, the owners recognized the necessity for change in order to lead the company in a strong and sustainable manner into the future. And this is how the decision was made to search for a successor, who would be able to maintain the essence of the company and the location in the Tyrol but still take it further nonetheless.

2017: previous owner Mr. Michael Altmann is still, with all his power and heart, working for mgm Software. The workspace has a cooperative atmosphere and focuses on future-oriented thinking.

Ever since August 2017 we have started growing again personnel-wise and concentrate on further qualitative expansion of our European or international distribution network.

1990: During the first years, the pre-existing programs were developed to flexible and open standard programs and a market was established in the Tyrol and Salzburg.

At the beginning of 2000 the company relocated from Innsbruck/Rum to Weerberg, in order to adapt to the increasing need of space and provide the needed quiet for the development of a software.

With the turn of the year 2016/2017 mgm Software was placed into new hands. Eng. Mario Mühlegger takes over the role of the visionary managing director – a multiplex businessman with passion.

Im April/May 2017 the company moved from Weerberg to a new, bigger office space for further development and growth – in a very central and readily accessible location, namely Vomp, right at the train station of Schwaz.

Reliably by your side

So that you can focus on the basics again.