Your advantages with mgm ERP

Convince yourself of your ability to turn your potential into reality with mgm ERP.

Modular design

Together with you we will develop a solution that is tailored exactly to your needs from our mgm ERP modular building kit. For a stable and future-proof system that fulfils your modern needs and that you are able to rely on.

Comfortable user experience

A powerful ERP-system and a comfortable user experience do not go together? That is not what we think. The design of our software allows for a simple handling in everyday life. Convince yourself of the singularly high customizability and flexibility.


ur software is variably designed, which guarantees quick and uncomplicated use in various sectors. Together with the modular design and the modus of design it is possible for us to perfectly implement the complex demands – whether structural adjustments, visual wishes or technical demands – to your needs.

Holistic nature

Businesses are confronted with various topics on a daily basis and it is important to bring those into accordance as effectively and efficiently as possible, in order to drive the entrepreneurial success further. This is easier to do with an integrated holistic and flexible ERP system, a tool that was made for the people who, with its help, will deliver excellent performance. Optimally controlling business processes, overcoming new challenges, taking chances.


With mgm ERP you have the opportunity of an individual business solution. Because the business should not have to adjust to the software, but rather the software ought to optimally complement your business. While at the same time also profiting from our user-specific settings for efficient operating.

Advanced knowledge

In a fast-paced time it is important that the correct decisions can be made quickly. Here, transparency and uncomplicated, quick acting are significant elements. mgm ERP provides businesses with a targeted and comprehensive overview and, at the same time, easily enables detailed insights. For your leading edge.


Efficiency, lasting success and growth are key words which businesses encounter every day. Strategical thinking and the implementation of optimization potentials are elementary. This is easier to manage with a company-specific business solution. With mgm ERP, you are optimizing your business processes, data and information flow. Master your challenges.

„The great flexibility of mgm ERP provides our customers a perfect and tailored solution, while at the same time being comfortable to use. So that you can orient yourself easily and concentrate on the essentials.“
Managing Director Eng. Mario Mühlegger

Reliability for the future

Constant further development while taking modern industry-specific and customer demands into consideration, is the foundation of a smart business software, which you can rely on, on your future journey. And because of that, customers and a solid ERP-System have been the focus of our company ever since it was founded. For a reliable business software that grows with your demands and new chances in the market.

Potential for growth

Businesses are complex structures that need to be safely navigated in the long run. In order to be able to focus on the basics, a software that supports you and is able to grow alongside your business and your plans is required. No matter where your journey leads you.

Faithful Companion

Die The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We cater to your needs and are consulting you by your side even after the implementation. For this we are counting on our strong customer service team. Ever since 1989, we guarantee quality, stability and constant further development. mgm software is a faithful companion from Austria.


With our long-time experience and the diverse sector-specific know-how we have gained from it, we are a strong partner by your side. Also, profit from our large wealth of experience with specific solutions and their implementation.

A step ahead

Making better decisions with mgm ERP. Because time and resources are valuable.