Service providers of tomorrow

… want to exhaust their full potential …

Service providers find themselves in highly competitive substitute markets. Performance, quality und perfect customer service are demanded more than ever. While not one service company resembles the other. Moreover, they too, are under the pressure of new challenges such as digitalization and new business models.

… with a modern business software that suits their needs …

All the more, the importance of an adequate business solution is growing, one which covers the various needs of the diverse sector, such as tourism, as well, in which these businesses are located, while at the same time also being adaptable precisely to the individual needs of their businesses.

Businesses need a solution that supports them, to make processes efficient and trans­parent to enable a full overview and control over services, resources and costs and to make consequent customer orientation and management easy to handle.


… boosting success further

Take the chance of a tailor-made and powerful ERP software that supports a consequent customer orientation. Respond quickly to market changes, optimize your cost structure and data maintenance and expand your customer base. Provide a basis for a lucrative distribution, perfect customer service and precise marketing activities while at the same time maintaining a full overview and realizing your potential of success.

Overcoming challenges

„mgm ERP, due to its holistic and flexible design, is the perfect partner for businesses that want to concentrate on the fundamental things again.“

All business processes and data are inclusively and seamlessly intertwined. This allows for costs and resources to be efficiently managed, as well as shaping services and processes transparently. Additionally, the mgm WebApp gives more liberty for the exertion of daily business. And the precise integration of other systems, like websites etc., eventually establishes an individual overall solution package that fits the business perfectly.

mgm Business solutions in their entirety include all main functionalities, starting with order management, invoicing, as well as integrated cash systems and customer management and target group regulation and analysis options. At the same time customers also appreciate the comfortable user handling of the system. Mobile and in real time as well.

For highest comfort, overview and insight, so that you are able to improve your customer satisfaction and consequently are able to realize and expand your competitive advantages.

Whether for touristic businesses, like campsites or leisure facilities, or publishing, museums, printing houses & ad designers, hospitality sector, administration of, for instance, shared offices (coworking) etc., our customers and the applicability of mgm ERP and its compact touristic industry solution are both broadly based and without limits.

Let us tie up your package full of solutions together

… from a variety of possible modules …

At the same time, you are able to expand your system step by step. The most used components (main and sub modules) for the service sector are, among others:

Our incentive

Your satisfaction as well as software and service of the highest quality.