With the mgm WebApp with a leading edge on the go

Modern and future-oriented businesses know that the demands for mobility and flexibility are increasing. Being able to also use the performance potential of an ERP system on the go, creates freedom and added value to field work and for entrepreneurial success. With the mgm WebApp our customers are ready to face the future.

„Because information makes the difference.“

Our mobile ERP solution, too, is not specific to any sector and can be tailored individually. As per our motto to ‚Keep it simple‘ here too persists highest flexibility for the specifically configurated customer end-version.

With the mgm WebApp, our customers are always perfectly informed even when far away from their mgm ERP system and able to carry out transactions. The user-specific interface allows for a comfortable and efficient user-experience even on the go.

Smart business software

The mgm WebApp provides more freedom for the exertion of daily business.

CEOs, leading employees, mobile staff, as well as especially also the sales force profit from a tailored, mobile mgm web interface. They have access to all the relevant data (e.g. business data for managers or customer data for sales force). Conversely, data and transactions can be directly recorded and carried out. Everything in real time. The mgm WebApp is a smart solution for everybody who wants more.

flexible  individual time-saving

Everything under control!
Anytime and any place.