mgm ERP: from doers for doers

This is one of our leading principles in software development – for an ERP tool for actual users. We have described, in a nutshell, what this means for us in our article in the NB special edition ‘Innovations – Innovative Industry’ about the topic of ‘IT, ERP, and CRM’. In short: 


Artikel im NB Sondermagazin ‘Innovations – Innovative Industrie’ zum Thema ‘IT, ERP und CRM’ – kompakt zusammengefasst. Kurz gesagt: Our customers and their needs take center stage, just like performance, flexibility and usability. To achieve this, we rely on the diverse experience and competence of our team and we are also in active exchange with the practical world. Thus, we develop a practical mgm ERP tool, which complements daily business in an optimal way and creates added value. Because the software should adapt and not the other way round.


You want to learn more? Then find more in the News Business edition 6 from July/August 2018 via or find our article here. Explore our website or just contact us directly.